Review: The Wager by D X Luc

I’ve been keen to sample D X Luc’s TOUCH OF THE GODS series and see how another author tackles a similar world to the one I’ve created in my own GODS OF LOVE series about the ancient Greek gods of desire in a modern-day setting.

I decided to read THE WAGER on my recent honeymoon, given its erotic promise :) Boy, am I glad I did! This was a fascinating read for me, not least because the story developed quite differently to the ones I’ve written and I really enjoyed seeing how different authors can create something unique from the same topic.

THE WAGER features Hephaestus, Greek god of inventions, volcanoes and blacksmiths. He becomes a pawn in a bet between Ares (god of war) and Eros (one of my favorites, of course!), and is sent to earth to see if he can find true love with a mortal. Enter Vanessa, the woman next door. When she receives a touch from the gods a curse is activated that may see the woman Heph has fallen in love with end up losing everything. Even her mind.

In THE WAGER, D X Luc delivers a wonderful story that contains complex, emotionally damaged characters (also physically damaged in Heph’s case), as well as steamy sensuality that celebrates the romance as much as the sex. Underlying it all, and what took this story from a 4-star to a 5-star for me, was a real sense of humor that shone through in the writing and made me laugh out loud more than once.

An erotic Greek romance-comedy with lots of sex and a great deal of heart is what you get when you pick up THE WAGER. I thoroughly recommend it, and I look forward to reading the next in this talented author’s TOUCH OF THE GODS series!

My rating:  5 steamy stars

For more about D X Luc, visit the author’s website and blog.

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