Review: Some Other Child by Sharon Buchbinder

When I picked up Some Other Child I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is actually a prequel to Sharon Buchbinder’s erotic suspense, Desire and Deception.

I read the latter recently and the combination of mystery, thriller and highly erotic romance was well deserving of its RT Book Reviews’ nomination for Best Erotic Fiction Book of 2011.

While Some Other Child does not have the erotic/romantic element I usually enjoy in my reading, the mystery, suspense and humor in this story is top-notch, and Ms. Buchbinder tackles the difficult subject of child abuse and its aftermath with compassion.

Whether you have already met Sarah Wright-Rosen in Desire and Deception, or whether you are meeting her for the first time in Some Other Child before she and Dan Rosen get together, her story – and that of her mother and “aunt” – will grip and hold you from start to finish.

I give this engaging story 4.5 stars.

Here is the blurb:

Between taking care of her injured alcoholic mother and work, Sarah Wright, a pediatric nurse researcher, hasn’t a minute to herself, much less time for romance. But unbeknownst to Sarah, two little old ladies–her aunt and her ex-fiancé’s mother–are conspiring to reunite Sarah with Dan Rosen, a brilliant and demanding surgeon. When her aunt goes missing, Sarah is convinced it’s a kidnapping, but the police refuse to investigate. Dan flies to Sarah’s side to help her, and it looks like things might come together—until Sarah is arrested for her aunt’s murder. As the evidence stacks up against her, Sarah must find the real culprits and unravel decades old family secrets along the way.

Some Other Child is available now at Amazon.

For more information, visit Sharon Buchbinder’s website.

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