Reflecting on a year of highs and lows – Jennifer Lynne

Whether you’re about to spend the festive season in sweltering summer heat (like me!), or are enjoying the cold of winter and the possibility of snow like so many of my overseas friends, one thing seems clear.

Christmas, for those who celebrate it, is about spending time with the people we love and being thankful for all that we have in our lives.

2012 has been filled with enormous highs and the lowest of lows for our family. On the one hand I’ve been lucky enough to have three books released in the past 12 months, with numerous award nominations and letters from fans saying they love my writing.

For an author there is no better accolade than a reader who says you got it just right. :)

On a personal note I married my long-time partner in August in a small and beautiful ceremony surrounded by my children, step-children and our families.

On the flip side, we’ve faced serious illness this year, including teen depression and suicidality, as well as heart disease for an older member of the family. Oh, and a small car accident thrown in for good measure.

There were many times this year when I didn’t think I had the strength to face each coming day. But you know what? I did. As a family we’re still struggling at times, but we’re getting there, and I am SO THANKFUL that I will get to spend Christmas 2012 surrounded by the people I love – my beautiful family who mean everything to me.

Best wishes to you

I extend the same best wishes to each and every one of you. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I hope that the coming year brings you good health, happiness and inner peace.

The blog in 2013

The blog will be quiet over the Christmas period, but will start back in 2013 with a bang. I’m participating in a Naughty New Year’s Blog Hop from 2nd Jan – with some wonderful prizes up for grabs including a $100 gift card from Eden Fantasys online¬† store!

Prolific romance author Kate Hill will be visiting on 4th Jan to talk about conflict and consummation and she has a contest giveaway, too!

Contemporary romance author Wendy Ely will be visiting on 10th Jan, so keep an eye out and help her feel welcome.

My next release, SEX CLUB SECRETS (GODS OF LOVE #3) will be out in January, so today I’ll leave you with a little excerpt (18+ ADULT-RATED) from this menage a trois erotic romance. Here is Kade, my bisexual hero, watching his best friend Ella with Anteros, god of requited/unrequited love:

He groaned.

Jesus, God, it was like his ultimate sexual fantasy right here, seeing the two halves of his craving come together in the one divine moment. Pure muscle, masculine strength and rock-hard cock on the one side, and the familiar softness and feminine beauty of the woman he wanted to love and cherish on the other.

She looked damn sexy as a blonde. The color change suited her, but he hadn’t got around to telling her that, yet.

His jeans grew tight around his groin.

A half-lidded look of sensual abandon softened her features and her head dropped in a dreamy fashion to one side as she began to shimmy her dress down. She peeled away the clothing from her shoulders, one slow inch at a time, to reveal pale skin with its faint smattering of freckles dusting the surface. There now was that slight hollow at her throat, the one he had almost kissed last week until he chickened out at the last moment.

There too, were her breasts, and they were even better than he’d imagined. Small and pert in shape, they were topped with long rosy nubs pointing right at him. So the little minx had not worn a bra this evening. She’d sat beside him all night, laughing and drinking her salt-encrusted margaritas, not letting on that the black velvet material of her dress must have been rubbing directly against those nipples all that time.

He leaned forward and touched the glass, spreading his fingers wide against the cool surface and wishing instead he could touch the heat of those crimson tips.

What would it feel like, to take one of Ella’s breasts into his mouth? What would she taste like? He ached to suckle on his friend, run his tongue over her skin, inhale her perfume and hear her moan in the way he’d been imagining in his dreams almost every night for the past few months.



  • Thanks, Chellesie! That sounds like a wonderful wish for the year ahead.

    P.S. Sorry about the ? :)

  • Btw, the “?” above was a heart, but the blog programming didn’t recognize it. :) Interesting metaphor!

  • Yes, it’s been quite a year! Wishing you smoother sailing in the year ahead, with more joy and serenity, and only small bumps along the way to a life full of abundance!
    ? Chellesie

  • Thanks, Carol! We’re all cranky here today as it stayed hot all night and no one got any sleep. Wishing for cooler weather right now! Hope you have a wonderful festive season and best wishes in 2013 :)

  • K.E. Saxon expressed my sentiments to you exactly, so I’ll say ‘ditto’. Here in the southern U.S., we’ve only recently gotten chilly weather, but no snow yet.

    Steamy excerpt, BTW! :-D

  • Hi Liane
    Thanks for dropping in to the blog! I send you positive vibes also – here’s to success – both personal and book-related – for us both during 2013!

    Hi Roz
    My fellow Sexy Romance blog mate, thanks so much for your lovely words. They brought a tear to my eye. Wishing you a lovely 2013, also. Thank you :)

    Hi Lynda
    That’s exactly how I felt – I did repeat that old saying to myself more than a few times this year! Wishing you a wonderful 2013. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  • Hi Caridad
    Merry Christmas to you, too! You can have some of our warmth, definitely! It is going to be a scorcher today :(

    Hi there Norah
    Thanks for stopping by! Best wishes to you, and of course wishing you continued book success next year :)

    K.E., hi!
    Thank you – wishing you mountains of success in 2013 also. Lovely to have you stop by :)

  • Jennifer~

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. The old saying seems appropriate: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Here’s to 2013 being a bit more user friendly – and to continued good sales! :)

    Happy and safe holidays to you and yours!

  • Merry Christmas, Jen!

    I’ve followed your roller coaster ride this year and let me say, you are one amazing woman! You have handled it all with grace and strength. I wish you a holiday season filled with peace and love and a prosperous, healthy New Year.

  • Jennifer, I’m so glad your life is looking up. I’m sending positive vibes out for you and yours. I loved the excerpt, very steamy!

  • Merry Christmas, Jennifer! Excellent post. I’m glad you made it through the hard times and are enjoying the good. Here’s wishing you oodles of success in 2013!

  • I love that sentiment, Jennifer – health, happiness and peace. I wish the same for you in 2013, as well as lots of book success. :)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Merry Christmas to you, Jennifer! I hope the New Year brings you continued success and less strife. And if you can, please send some of the warmth to us here in the other hemisphere!

  • Thanks so much, Doris! As I type this I’m sitting in bed about to turn out the light, and our ceiling fan is going strong but not making much headway – it’s almost midnight and still hot! One year I’d love to venture overseas for Christmas and experience a cold one, preferably with a bit of snow :) Have a wonderful festive season with your loved ones, and thank you for stopping by!

  • Merry Christmas to you, Jennifer. I’m one of those freezing her butt off here in the UK, lol, but it does look very pretty.

    Love the sound of that book!. I will have to check the others out.

    Enjoy your family Christmas :-)

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