Peek inside the book covers at Coffee Time Romance #sexy excerpts

JenniferLynne_Bundle_2D_800Curious about my GODS OF LOVE erotic romance series but haven’t yet had the opportunity to look inside the covers? Here’s your chance! I’ve posted an excerpt from each of the first three novellas in this series over at the Coffee Thoughts blog today – take your pick, or sample all three!

Click on the book titles below for a taste (adults-only) of these erotic romance stories:

PLATINUM PASSION – find out how the god of sexual yearning managed to add the spice back into Jake and Jeannie’s marriage on the eve of their twentieth wedding anniversary.

APHRODITE CALLING – in the arms of transsexual woman GIna, has Himeros finally found the one with whom even a god of sexual desire could find fulfillment?

SEX CLUB SECRETS – Ella and her best friend Kade meet the god of requited and unrequited love in a celebrated sex club. Stop by and let me know your thoughts – is being friends before becoming lovers an advantage or a disadvantage in a relationship?

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