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Then please return here to visit with today’s guest who has over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels under her belt. I’m thrilled to hand over the blog to Ellora’s Cave and Changeling Press erotic author, Kate Hill:

One of the best parts of a romance is the happily ever after. There’s something about that final “I love you” and that last, tender kiss that can inspire warm, fuzzy feelings even in gloomy readers.

I say that because I tend to be gloomy. I’m addicted to horror movies and I enjoy blood-and-guts action in the books I read. While I love romance, I like a healthy dose of fighting and sex along with it. Still, after all the adventure, pain and conflict characters endure, I want them to share a life together.

Conflict makes the happily ever after worthwhile. There’s something that either keeps the characters apart or places them in enough danger to make the reader wonder if they’ll not only end up together, but survive.

In my Whisper series, the main couples are kept apart by a variety of issues that range from curses to hidden fears. Edmond and Tobias, the heroes of Black Cat, have been together for over three centuries. Their lives have been threatened by hostile family members and old enemies, but it’s Tobias’ reluctance to trust someone with his heart that prevents them from making their union permanent. Edmond is a gentle and patient lover who is willing to wait for Tobias to face his fears.

Some might argue that a happily ever after is too predictable to be enjoyable. While a romance doesn’t need a happy every after, I won’t deny it’s still my favorite way for a story to end. I don’t mind if it’s predictable. For me part of the fantasy of a romance novel is knowing that after all the frustrating separations, after battling their enemies or struggling with their emotions, the main characters will be together.

How do you feel about a happily ever after ending? What are your favorite conflicts that make a happily ever after truly sweet?


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To enter for the chance to win a pdf download of one of the first three books in the Whisper series (winner’s choice of title), please comment. The contest will run for three days from the day of this post. At the end of that time, a winner will be selected from the comments. Thank you!

Whisper 4: Black Cat

by Kate Hill

(M/M Vampire/Shapeshifter)

From Changeling Press

Vampire Edmond Chancellor and cat shifter Tobias Crawford have had a not-so-secret affair for over three hundred years. Edmond wants to bond with Tobias permanently, but Tobias has reasons for keeping his distance.

On a chilly December night, both men turn to past memories for guidance, but it’s a present danger that makes them realize that time is precious, even to men who are practically immortal.

The Following Excerpt from Black Cat is for readers 18 and over:

In a woodland area miles from the boundaries of Whisper, Tobias caught the scent of other vampires. His gut tightened and his heart turned to proverbial ice in his chest. He had wanted so much to believe that Edmond could be trusted, that he believed in the ideals he preached, yet here he was, consorting with members of a family that had allegedly disowned him.

Three vampires–tall males with dark hair and pale blue eyes–met Edmond in a clearing. Hidden downwind in the shadow of trees, Tobias watched.

To his surprise, instead of a friendly greeting, the vampires drew swords and simultaneously attacked Edmond.

Tobias tensed as Edmond drew his blade. He parried, thrust and moved with the grace of a dancer. After several moments, he disarmed one of his opponents and pierced his heart. No sooner had the vampire dropped than one of the remaining two fired a pistol at Edmond’s chest.

If not for a sudden shift of his stance, the bullet would have struck his heart, killing him. Instead it grazed his upper arm.

Anger surged through Tobias. Couldn’t the Chancellor family ever fight fair?

Without hesitation, Tobias leapt onto the back of the vampire who had fired the pistol, knocking him face down to the dirt. He broke his neck, then drove the vampire’s own silver blade through his heart.

Edmond glanced at Tobias in surprise, but his attention shifted to the last vampire, who attacked him savagely with his sword. Steel clanged in the otherwise quiet night, but the fight was short-lived. A master with a blade, Edmond destroyed his opponent within seconds.

Panting, Edmond turned to Tobias who shifted to his human form. Naked, he approached his vampire lover.

Sliding his arms around Edmond’s neck, he held his gaze. Edmond’s breath fanned his face. Sweat misted his brow and the scent of blood from his injured arm filled the air. Tobias glanced at the wound. Due to Edmond’s vampiric nature, it had already started to heal.

“I’m sorry,” Tobias whispered against Edmond’s lips.

Edmond didn’t speak, but kissed Tobias back with months of pent-up passion.

Previous books in the Whisper series:

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About Kate Hill

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she’s not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.

She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at

Visit her online at


  • It was my pleasure, Kate. Congratulations to Kate’s winner, Tracey – I’m sure you’ll enjoy your prize :)

  • The winner of a pdf download of one of the first three stories in the Whisper series (winner’s choice of title) is Tracey.
    Thanks to everyone who entered and thank you, Jennifer, for having me as a guest!

  • I’m new to your series but it looks so intriguing.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  • Hello, Vera! I love vampires too. They’re my favorite paranormal creature. :-)

    Hi Vanessa! I feel the same way!

    Hi Tracey! It’s definitely fun to get through the arguments to the HEA!

  • I love HEA; they are wonderful. I really love them when the couple starts out hating each other and end up falling in love.

    I look forward in reading this.

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  • I love happily ever after stories. Like you, I don’t care if they are predictable. When I read and love the characters, I just can’t wait to see them get together in the end. I look forward to it.

  • I love vampire reads, yummy; love all things paranormal. this sounds like a great series. cant wait to try them, going to buy right now
    vera28546 at yahoo (dot) com

  • Hi Fedora!
    That’s a great conflict, when one character needs to realize his own self-worth.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi, Kate! To me, it isn’t a romance without that HEA (or at least an HFA), and I find that the most satisfying way to end the story. I can read through just about any kind of conflict for that. My favorite though? Not sure I have just one… maybe the one where one of them feels unworthy, but is able to recognize that as false and grab onto the happiness promised to them both.

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

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