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fall in love giveaway hop Welcome to the “Fall in Love All Over Again” Giveaway Hop, organised by Reading Romances.

Ever wondered how to get the spark back into your relationship? PLATINUM PASSION, the first in my GODS OF LOVE series of erotic novellas about the Greek gods of desire in a modern-day setting, highlights what can happen when Eros steps in to save an ailing marriage and teaches a couple how to fall in love all over again.

Jake and Jeannie both yearn for the return of passion in their marriage. The appearance of Pothos on the night of their twentieth wedding anniversary is, quite literally, a godsend. Pothos is one of the erotes and an aspect of the ancient Greek god of desire, Eros. This couple’s distinctive yearning has called to him. By the power of the erotes he intends to rekindle the flame of their passion in a night of desire that will be the ultimate platinum anniversary gift.

And when the gods of love decide your marriage needs a boost, they never do it by halves.

Before you scroll down to find out how to win prizes in this Giveaway Hop, here’s an ADULTS ONLY 18+ taste of menage a trois romance, PLATINUM PASSION. If you are under 18, please exit the site.

This excerpt hopefully illustrates the joys of falling in love all over again – not with someone new, but in a rediscovery of the same person you fell in love with that very first time:

We can be like that again. I know we can.

He felt the sudden lick of arousal and reached down through the water to touch himself with a sense of disbelief. A hard on. Again? I’ve never gotten one that quickly after making love. How can I want it again so fast? But he did. He wanted to sink his cock deep into his wife, reclaiming her body as his. But this time, he wanted more than that. This time he wanted to feel what she felt when he fucked her. He wanted someone to sink their cock into him while he made love to Jeannie.

No, he corrected. Not just someone.


Other than Jeannie, only Pothos could get him this damn horny.

He swam across to where Pothos had just ducked his wife under water. She emerged with intent in her eyes, but when she saw Jake she stopped short.

“Jake?” Her tone was uncertain, and she glanced back toward Pothos, who was looking at him with a knowing grin.

“Are you ready again, Jake?” Pothos asked, and he nodded.

“Yeah.” His voice was hoarse.

“Jake.” Jeannie spoke his name again, but this time with understanding. She could probably read the rampant desire in his face. Her lips parted and she asked hesitantly, “Who do you want?”

He reached for her beneath the water, felt the curve of her hip and pulled her close. She gasped when she came into contact with his cock. Hell, he felt like gasping himself, he was so ready. “I want you, Jeannie,” he said. Then he looked over his shoulder. “And I want you, Pothos. I want you to fuck me, hard, while I make love with my wife.”

He didn’t wait for a response from either of them, confident that the ache of desire he felt was about to be amplified by Pothos. However their new lover did it, Jake didn’t care. He just knew that this night was like no other he’d ever experienced, and the heady lust that filled his nostrils had just gotten stronger as Pothos’ eyes flashed bright and his wife let out a faint moan and shifted impatiently against him. He lifted her, taking her weight easily with the help of the water’s buoyancy, and settled her warm pussy onto his dick. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and clung like a limpet while she kissed him. His hands kneaded the rounded cheeks of her buttocks and he pushed up into her hot center, taking her resulting gasp into him as they continued to kiss, feeling the tip of his cock connect with her body in that deep, dark place inside her.

He broke off the kiss. “You’re mine.” He thrust again, not sure why he felt he had to stake his claim, and she let out a strangled cry.

“Always, Jake.”

Then he felt the hardness of a male body up against his back, pressing into his thighs, and he buried his face in her golden hair, almost overwhelmed with a mixture of fear and excitement at the realization of what was coming.

“And you’re mine, Jake. You and Jeannie. Mine.” The deep voice rumbled in his ear and he felt the hardness of Pothos’ organ poking and stroking him, from that sensitive place behind his balls all the way up to press into his rear opening, then back again. Down and up, back and forward, stroking with such a measured pace that the movement threatened to send him over the edge of a cliff.

Or, more accurately, into a wave.

He locked his knees as his legs threatened to buckle, but then strong hands were there, holding his hips, steadying him even as he drove again into Jeannie.


PLATINUM PASSION was a Best Book of 2011 nominee and Reviewer’s Top Pick at The Romance Reviews. It is available for only $0.99 at the following ebook retailers:

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Here’s what they’re saying about PLATINUM PASSION:

The Romance Reviews:

“PLATINUM PASSION brought romance, love, passion, and the mysticism of the gods all together in a seriously sexy way…a quick, steamy read that was as interesting as it was sexy. This is my first read by Jennifer Lynne, but it won’t be my last.”

Hesperia Loves Books:

“This book was on fire…just the right amount of love, passion and eroticism to make this a smokin’ hot read and a MUST add to your TBR list…cannot wait to read more from this fabulous author.”

Erotic author of THE LUST BOAT series, Roz Lee:

“The romance is heartwarming, the sex is hot, and the ending will leave you with a smile on your face, and perhaps a yearning to add some spice to your own relationship.”


This is a Blog Hop, of course, and it wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway or two :)

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If you like the sound of PLATINUM PASSION and want to try the next in the GODS OF LOVE series, APHRODITE CALLING can be found at these ebook retailers:

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