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Guest author Bianca Sarble – Flavour of the Month #NewRelease

Here’s a yummy treat for the year’s end from fellow Aussie author, Bianca Sarble. Her latest release, Flavour of the Month, is out now at Amazon.

Sydney, Australia - August 2011: Harbour with Opera House and BridgeBlurb

When Cate Gallagher thinks her day can’t get any worse, Patrick Garrett comes along to prove her wrong. The sexy stranger awakens her long forgotten libido but she knows from past experiences his type is best avoided at all costs.

Patrick is sure the chemistry between them will set the sheets on fire, if only she would give him a chance. He hatches a seduction plan to show her exactly how right they could be.

But getting the girl isn’t the only obstacle to their Happy Ever After. Misunderstandings and assumptions bring their heat level to boiling point and threaten to scorch their love.

Can Cate overcome her past and let Patrick show her she’s not just the Flavour Of The Month?


Taking a break from the Sunday morning breakfast rush, Cate rested her head on the cool surface of the stainless steel bench wishing the relief she needed would kick in. Either from the pain meds she’d taken for the massive headache, or the two blocks of chocolate she’d eaten to ease the sexual frustration. It seemed now her feminine parts had come out of hibernation, they wanted to feast on spring berries. Specifically, Patrick’s berries.

Gah! She really needed to stop thinking about him. Much more and she’d be studying the spam emails advertising the latest in sex toy technology for an online splurge. Her last vibrator had ended up in the trash with all other Paul related items and getting another one hadn’t been a priority. Until Patrick.

She needed to move, keeping busy was the key to forgetting about latex penises or real ones attached to handsome men who were off limits. She put her apron on over her black T-shirt and shorts on her way out to the main room and stopped dead.

There he was.

Ordering coffee from Millie, complete with panty drenching smile. If he aimed that thing her way again, she’d need another block or two of chocolate which wouldn’t keep her in a size sixteen for long. She tried to turn with the hope he hadn’t seen her.

Author Bio

Once upon a time, in a land called Australia, there lived a delightful young girl named Bianca who loved to read. As she grew older, her sarcastic tendencies and warped sense of humor became evident, as did her preference for raunchy romances.

Now, as well as reigning over their 1/4 acre kingdom with the handsome Prince that stole her heart and feeding their ever-growing children, she not only reads everything she can, but pens her own deliciously sexy stories.

Find Bianca at:

Guest author V.K. Black: Unexpected Places #Romance #Adventure

It has been a little while since I’ve had a guest here on the blog. I’m delighted today to welcome V. K. Black, whose latest release pairs sexy romance with an exciting treasure hunt. Over to you, V. K.!

Unexpected_Final (300)Thank you so much, Jennifer, for this opportunity to talk about my latest release, Unexpected Places, published by Escape Publishing. This book was so much fun to write! It’s a sexy action adventure romance where a handsome, hot-headed treasure hunter battles a sweet, but equally hot-tempered heroine for the possession of two priceless emeralds.

As the book’s tagline says:

One treasure map, one pair of priceless emeralds, two very keen hunters – only one can win, but who says that competition can’t be a little fun?

Here’s the blurb:

When sweet, pretty Ariana Noonan knocks out treasure hunter Luke Donahue with a champagne bottle and steals his treasure map, he vows to get his map back, find the missing priceless emeralds…and exact a fitting revenge.

When Luke finally discovers Ariana in a dingy hotel on a remote tropical island, she’s in desperate straits and he finally gains the upper hand. Of course he will rescue her. His price? They act on the attraction that’s been simmering between them from the very beginning.

But all is not as it seems, and Luke’s sexy bargain turns up not only an unbelievable secret, but Ariana’s reasons for wanting the emerald. Suddenly, nothing is clear-cut anymore, and map or no map, Luke and Ariana are sailing into uncharted territory.

Here’s a short excerpt:

They clinked glasses, her wine to his beer. Her lovely tits wobbled in invitation as their glasses met. She was even prettier than he’d first thought. Her face was delicate, with softly rounded cheekbones, a little, straight nose, a determined jaw that hinted at steel beneath the prettiness, and those full, kissable lips. His eyes took in the length of her thick, blonde hair and gorgeous creamy skin.

Okay, let’s see where you want to take this. Luke smiled at her again, raised an enquiring eyebrow and waited.

“Um, this is a lovely place,” she said.

“Yes,” he agreed, gravely, “it is.”

“But a little crowded, don’t you think?” she purred. Luke leaned down, catching a faint wisp of her flowery perfume as he tried to hear her words over the squeals of the girls behind them. Then she—what did she say her name was? Ariana? A pretty name—gave him a smile that left him in no doubt about what she wanted. Sex and his map, which was currently resting in his coat pocket. Well, little Ariana, that’s a big yes to the sex, but good luck with the map.

“Definitely too crowded. And that champagne is very ordinary. I have a nice bottle in my room, if you’d care to share it with me.” Always have a good bottle of champagne in your hotel room fridge. You never knew when it might come in handy. That policy had served him well for many years.

Lovely Ariana smiled the dazzling smile that had probably ripped off half a dozen men, and put her glass down on the table. Luke placed his hand under her elbow and guided her toward the lifts. Her skin was soft but firm. His cock harder than steel. He’d been treasure hunting for so long now, it had been a while since he’d had a woman. The added allure of payback made the idea of sex with this cute, little blonde doubly inviting.

As they rode up to his penthouse room, Ariana’s feminine perfume filled the small space. They stood, side by side, staring at the lift doors in silence.  He had no doubt she was thinking through her game plan, the same as he was.

Let the games begin.

You can find Unexpected Places on,,, Kobo, Google play, Nook, Booktopia, JB HIFI NOW Books, or go to Escape’s website.

Like to know more about V. K. Black? Please visit her website.

Sexy Shifters – Tamsin Baker’s new release #menage #MFM

prowling-vet2-2Tamsin Baker, my friend and fellow Aussie author, has a new release out with Evernight Publishing. Prowling the Vet is a hot-as-hell MFM shifter romance, and I’m delighted that she’s sharing an Adults-only excerpt here on the blog.

Laura is a veterinarian in a country town near the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains. She’s intelligent, beautiful, over-sized, and not interested in a relationship with any man. When she literally gets knocked off her feet by a pair of twins, she’s horrified to find she can’t resist the attraction.

Brandon and Tyler have been waiting for their perfect mate since they were teenagers. Brandon’s buried himself in alcohol and women, but Tyler’s so lonely it hurts. When they meet the voluptuous Laura they must pull together to win the heart of their fated mate, and prove why a Perfect Pair of mountain lion shifters are exactly what she needs.

Laura giggled with excitement and moved up onto the huge bed so that she lay with her head on the pillow. She was really going to do this—go to bed with two men, and brothers at that!

“Are you two going to join me or just stand there staring?”

The men looked between each other before they crawled onto the bed, Brandon sliding over her and using his knee to spread her legs.

“Open for me.”

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his still denim-clad ass. Heat pooled between her thighs as he took control of the situation. She hated to admit it, but she kinda’ loved it.

He kissed her lips and she reached up for his head, dragging him down so that his chest was flat against her breasts. Tingles flared between them as his tongue speared into her mouth, a groan escaping his lips when he tasted her.

“I’ll squash you,” he said against her lips and Laura laughed a little.

“You’re kidding. I love the feel of your weight on me.”

She pressed on his back and encouraged him to lay more on her.

He slowly released some of the weight he held on his arms and let it sink onto her.

A contented bliss settled over her and she sighed. “Yes.”

Brandon moaned and dove down to her neck, biting and sucking the skin along her throat, and moving down.

Laura closed her eyes and let embarrassing noises escape her, as Brandon’s mouth seared a path of heat and pleasure down her body. She ran her hands through Brandon’s short hair, touching him as much as possible as he made his way toward her breasts.

His wet lips slid over her flesh as he cupped one of her breasts with both of his massive hands and plumped it up for his mouth. The kneading sensation was comforting and arousing at the same time, and Laura opened her eyes to watch him enjoying her flesh.

He sucked the nipple into his mouth and she cried out, pleasure shooting down her belly to center between her legs. He suckled her over and over, then moved back onto his haunches to stare down at her.

Laura made some sort of pleading noise that left her mouth without her permission, and reached out for him with both hands.

“Come back, please.” She needed his heat and weight on her.

“No, it’s my turn.” Tyler muscled his brother out of the way and reached up to pull her undies down her legs.

Laura let him, impatient for more. It had been so long since she’d been touched by anything other than her vibrating toys.

“Wow, you’re even beautiful here.” Tyler ran his soft fingertips over her sensitive clit and down between her folds, making Laura’s whole body buck up, and she gasped out a huffy response.

“That’s impossible, but thanks.”

Buy Prowling the Vet at:


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Evernight Publishing

Find out more at Tamsin’s website or blog.


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Seductive #excerpts – Day 6 @TimesNewLaura HIDDEN FORTUNE #Sexy #Romance

Seduction cover jpgI have enormous admiration for romance author Laura Sheehan, who was in regular contact with us before, during and after the birth of her beautiful baby in the lead-up to publication of our multi-author boxed set collection, SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME. And yes, I did say during!

I am delighted today to feature Laura’s sexy novella from the collection, with an enticing excerpt from HIDDEN FORTUNE.


Ava has always played it safe, but after a midnight run-in with a sexy stranger, she discovers that perhaps fortune favors the bold. Can she find the courage to seek the ultimate treasure?


Ava watched as Mitch departed, half-relieved and half-regretful. She was so in over her head. When he’d kissed her, she’d just about lost it.

She had no idea it could be like that. The very best sex she’d ever had couldn’t even compare to the kiss she’d just experienced. And that was just a kiss! She’d been so flustered, she wasn’t even sure what she’d said. Apparently she’d said something about emailing him?

Just then, her phone rang. Pulling her cell phone out of her pocket, she saw that it was Jessica, probably calling to check in on her. If she ignored it, Jessica might take her earlier message seriously and send the cops over. But she was in no state of mind to have a conversation with Jess right now.

Having no choice, she answered the call. “Hey, Jess, I’m fine, everything is just fine, I’m about to head home, and everything is fine.”

There was a long pause before Jessica responded. “Oh my god, you slept with him didn’t you?”

“What?! No!”

“Something happened, I can hear it in your voice. Oh, this is just fabulous! Tell me everything. Is he there right now?”

“He went to the bedroom,” Ava stammered.

There was a loud squeal, and Ava had to pull the phone from her ear. “No, it’s not like that,” she insisted.

“Well, then tell me. What is it like? Is he hot? Did you guys kiss? Make out? Get to third base?”

Ava glanced nervously toward the bedroom, worried Mitch would come out and overhear them. She whispered quickly into the phone, “He’s totally gorgeous, way out of my league, and yes we kissed, but then he stopped, and I’m glad he did because I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m freaking out. It was very exciting and all, but I’m getting the hell out of here before anything else happens.”

Jessica was silent again, this time for so long that Ava checked her phone display to see if she’d lost the connection. Finally, she heard her friend’s voice.

“And then what?”

“What do you mean?” Ava asked, genuinely confused.

“After you run away with your tail between your legs, what then?”

“Then… nothing. I don’t know. He doesn’t seem like the relationship type, so I doubt I’ll see him again after tonight.”

“How would you know? You barely know him.”

“Exactly,” Ava agreed, glad that Jessica could see if from her point of view.

Jessica sighed. “What I meant is that you’re running away again. You aren’t even giving this guy a chance.”

Ava was about to interrupt, but Jessica wouldn’t let her.

“No, listen to me. The way I see it you have three options. One, you can run away like you always do and regret it for the rest of your life. Two, you can get this guy’s number and then actually call him. And you can’t chicken out, Ava. You have to actually call him and set up another date and get to know the guy. And then, when you finally get comfortable with him, you guys can have wild monkey sex.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake… what’s my third option?”

“Glad you asked,” Jessica said, and Ava could hear the smile in her voice as she responded. “The third option is a lot like the second option, except you skip directly to the end part.”

“What, just sleep with him?”

“No, have wild monkey sex with him.”

“That’s insane.”

“No, it’s not,” Jessica insisted. “It can be incredibly liberating, not to mention satisfying. You deserve to let your hair down and go a little wild for once in your life. And it’s not like you’re being totally stupid, I know you’re on the pill, and use a condom, of course. But really, it’s just sex. What do you have to lose?”

Just then, Mitch came back into the living room, still shirtless, carrying a small, white card. The lamplight seemed to glow on his dark skin, and emphasized the sharp features of his face with shadows, reminding her again of a predator stalking its prey.

For a moment, she imagined surrendering herself to him, submitting to his overwhelming masculinity. She wanted to feel deliciously feminine and awash with passion like she had just a few minutes ago, but this time, she didn’t want to zone out. She wanted to enjoy every second of it, to roll around in the tangible sensations like a cat.

“Ava, are you still there?”

“I gotta go,” Ava answered, her voice husky.

“He’s back, isn’t he? Go for door number three! Wild monkey sex!”

“Yeah,” Ava answered back before disconnecting the call, unsure if she was placating her or agreeing with her.

SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME includes HIDDEN FORTUNE plus six other seductive stories, for the limited time only price of 99 cents. Grab your copy today from any of these eBook retailers:

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Seductive #excerpts – Day 5 @IWriteRomance HEARTS ON FIRE #Erotic #Romance

Seduction2I’ve read several of Roz Lee’s erotic romances, so when I started HEARTS ON FIRE I knew it was going to be well-written and super-hot. Boy, was I correct! This talented author writes sizzling yet heartwarming romance, and I’m delighted to bring you a sample in today’s excerpt from our multi-author boxed set collection, SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME.


They’ve been burned before, but desire will rekindle the flames of love in this sensual and heart wrenching story of redemption and second chances.


The door opened. Steve stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. His gaze landed on her. The blaze in his eyes burned her doubts to cinders. She couldn’t recall ever having a man look at her with such raw lust. She tightened her hold on the bedclothes like a drowning woman clutching a rope.

Steve tossed his keys on the dresser and toed off his shoes without taking his eyes off her. The movements were ordinary, yet intimate. The date portion of the evening was over. The time had come to put action to her words—but her feet were anchored to the spot.

“Come here.” He crooked his index finger at her. “Unless you’ve changed your mind?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“No, what? No, you won’t come over here, or no, you haven’t changed your mind?”

His voice sounded as strained as her thought processes were. “I haven’t changed my mind.”

He motioned with his hand again. “Then come over here.”

Somehow she managed to put one foot in front of the other enough times to move her in front of him. When his hands came to rest on her waist, she flinched. Surprise flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t question her jerky movement. She couldn’t tell him he was the first man to touch her in…years. He would run out the door before she could explain.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. Please don’t stop. Though fear threatened to paralyze her, she was determined, too. Something about this man drew her. He could make the numbness go away, and she desperately wanted to feel again. “Fuck me.”

His fingers dug into her skin. Her feet left the floor. Her back met the wall, and his mouth came down on hers. His hands molded to her ass, lifting her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him back.

He tasted of mint, and she instantly wished she could have brushed her teeth. He’d obviously popped a breath mint before coming to the room. When he broke the kiss in order to nibble his way down her neck, she forgot all about her lack of sweet breath. This was exactly what she wanted—to feel. And, oh, did she feel.

His mouth explored at will, never staying one place long enough for her to get used to the feel of him tasting her. “God, I want to eat you up,” he said, tonguing the hollow at the base of her throat. “But first things first.”

While his mouth set her skin on fire, down below, his thumbs slid beneath her panties to stroke her buttocks while his fingers crept closer to her throbbing heat. Finding her slit, he slid through the damp folds. She groaned. Closing her eyes, she let her forehead drop to his shoulder.

Oh, God. His fingers felt so good. He rimmed her opening with a blunt fingertip then dipped inside, teasing her channel until she bucked against him, wordlessly asking for more.

“So fucking wet.” He sucked her earlobe into his mouth. The not-too-gentle tug with his teeth telegraphed a message of want and need to her pussy. “I want you. Now.”

SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME contains HEARTS ON FIRE and six other seductive romance novellas. All seven stories are available at the special price of 99 cents for a limited time only from these eBook retailers:

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Seductive #excerpts – Day 4 @AnneKane MOONLIT SEDUCTION #Sexy #Romance

Seduction cover jpgIt’s time for the fourth excerpt from our recent multi-author boxed set release, SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME. Today I’m delighted to feature an excerpt from MOONLIT SEDUCTION by Anne Kane, a tender and highly seductive novella-length love story that brought a smile to my face and the urge to go out and buy a dog as cute as Winston. (And I’m a cat person, so that’s saying something!).


Winston is a mutt with a mission – to convince Natalie that her fortune lies in surrendering to the seductive Jacob McKinley.


“Ah.” Britney cocked her head, finally making the connection. “I think Grandma mentioned you in some of her letters. I take it you’re the nutcase with the adorable puppy? The one who needs a haircut and a decent pair of jeans?” Not that she saw anything wrong with the ones he was currently wearing. They showed off his slim hips and nicely shaped ass quite effectively.

The voice in her head snorted in derision.

Jacob rolled his eyes, a wry smile curving the edge of his lips.  “That would be me. Your Grandmother was quite the independent spirit. I don’t think she ever approved of me.”

Britney forced a laugh. Did he really not remember her? “Oh you’re in good company. There weren’t very many people she approved of, but in her own way she was loveable. She liked to project the image of a grumpy old lady but she was really very sweet.”

He didn’t look convinced. “I’ll have to take your word for that.” His gaze lingered on her just a smidge longer than was polite. “You look familiar. Have we met before?”

Oh shit. Now what? Lying was never a good idea, lead to all sorts of things. In her case it usually led to getting caught.

“I doubt it. I haven’t been around much since I left school. Grandma and I mostly kept in contact by email and phone.” The lie slid out so smoothly she could almost believe it herself.

He shrugged, although a slight frown marred the perfection of his forehead. “It must be something else. Well, we’ve met now. Welcome to the neighborhood.” He looked down at Winston. “And who do we have here? Maybe Trixie had a reason for running away this time. He looks like quite the gentleman.”

Britney groaned. The guy needed to do something annoying. Anything. She did not like the way her heart melted with every sentence out of his lips. Mind reading better not be one of Jacob’s talents, or she might as well leave town now.

“This is Winston. He and I are somewhat new to each other, but I have to agree he’s definitely a gentleman.” There. That was almost a conversational tone of voice.

“Jacob held his hand out, palm up, and Winston sniffed it graciously before ruining the whole gentleman thing by slurping the fingers enthusiastically.

The look of shock on Jacob’s face was just too much.

Britney burst out laughing. She couldn’t help it. Finally! A less than perfect reaction. At the sound, Trixie jumped up and down, wagging her tail and yapping excitedly, and Winston let out a dignified woof, just to add to the confusion.

“I think he likes me.” Jacob wiped his hand off on his jeans, his mouth twisted in a wry grin. “Or maybe he just wanted a quick taste in case you plan on siccing him on me later.”

Britney smothered another peal of laughter, while Winston gave her a pained look. Apparently he saw nothing funny in his gesture of friendship. She patted him on the head. “It’s okay buddy. We can work on your manners this summer.”

He looked up at her with a serious expression and thumped his tail on the ground a few times. Apparently he was fine with that.

“Hate to introduce myself and run, but Trixie and I need to get back now. Welcome to the Cape. I’ll try to keep my little brat off your property from now on. When you get settled, maybe we can get together for a cup of coffee?”

Was he asking for a date? No. A cup of coffee between neighbors was just that. And she didn’t want to date right now anyway. Did she? No! Still, a cup of coffee couldn’t hurt anything. Even a cup of coffee with a gorgeous hunk of man that she’d slept with years ago. “Sure. Sounds lovely.”

He smiled then, and it went all the way from his eyes to the tips of his scuffed up running shoes. Britney’s heart did a little flip.

Coffee might not be such a safe idea after all!

SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME features MOONLIT SEDUCTION plus six other romance novellas, all centered around a seductive fortune. It is available at the special price of 99 cents for a limited time only, so why not buy your copy today at any of these eBook retailers:

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Seductive #excerpts – Day 3 @LeighCourt3 FEAR OF FLYING #Erotic #Romance

Seduction Flat CoverIt’s time for an excerpt from the third novella in our recent boxed set release, SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME. I admit to reading FEAR OF FLYING by Leigh Court while I was travelling back to Melbourne from a holiday in Queensland. This could have been a risky move as I too have a long-seated fear of flying, but my fears were completely forgotten when I became fully immersed (I wonder why?!) in this seductive and highly erotic tale.

This excerpt is definitely Adult-rated, folks!


Book publicist Jessie Jordan is deathly afraid of flying, which prompts travel writer Regan Quade to come up with a highly imaginative (and intimate!) way to calm her anxiety. Thrown together on a two-week book tour, the result just might be a bestseller!


The pilot’s voice came over the intercom. “Flight attendants, please be seated.”

Jessie leaned back into her seat. Of all the words in the English language, those were the five she most hated to hear in one sentence.

Lindy scurried up the aisle while Jessie let go of the armrest only long enough to desperately reach out and shove down the shade over the window. There was no way she was going to risk seeing the wing of the plane bend thirty feet.

In the seat next to her, Regan ripped open the plastic wrapper and shook out the navy blanket.

“What are you doing?”

“Testing a theory.” He spread the blanket over her. Actually, he spread it over both of them. “Just relax, Jessie.”

She would have thrown off the stupid blanket, but her fingernails were now too firmly embedded back into the material of the armrests. The plane lurched again to the left, and she let out a low moan of panic.

Why the hell did she do this job?

Regan turned his body slightly so that he was able to face her in the seat. “Just breathe.”

Easy for you to say! Jessie leaned back into the cushion, closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply. In. Out. In. Out. Her yoga instructor always said concentrating on your breath meant you were in the present moment. You couldn’t worry about the future or think about the past. Being aware of your breathing forced you to be right here, right now. No room for anything else.

Except there was something else. Under the blanket, Jessie felt Regan’s hand on her right knee. What the—

Dear God, had he run his hand all the way up her boot and slipped under the hem of her skirt without her even noticing it?

The plane dipped and then fell about a hundred feet, a sickening drop that Jessie felt in the pit of her stomach. She gasped and sunk her fingernails even deeper into the armrests, and kept her eyes screwed shut. Meanwhile, Regan’s warm hand inched from her knee up the inside of her right thigh.


“Don’t think, Jessie. Just feel. Concentrate on my hand.”

She moaned again, but ironically, this time it wasn’t so much in fright. Concentrating on Regan’s hand reminded her of what she’d missed out on last night when he’d propositioned her. The ache between her legs returned, spurred on by her wayward thoughts and the insistent, sensuous massage his fingers were suddenly performing on her inner thigh.

“Spread your legs a little wider, Jessie.”

The low, sexy rumble of Regan’s voice made her whole body shiver in response, despite her shock at what he was doing. They were in a plane full of people for heaven’s sake. In a public place. Even if the blanket was protecting them from view, this behavior was insane.

But damn if she wasn’t wet.

The plane dropped again, so fast and so hard that Jessie came out of her seat a little, despite her seatbelt. With a yelp, her feet splayed desperately to try to get some stability, and Regan took advantage by slipping his hand farther up her leg.

A mere inch away from her panties.

Jessie stopped breathing. The slow, teasing little circles he was tracing on her inner thigh were driving her insane. Her body longed for his touch, ached for it.

Please. Just another inch.

The plane lurched again and Reagan’s palm moved to cup her, his hot hand molding itself perfectly to her body.

With a low moan, she bucked against him for more contact.

Regan sucked in a breath, and his finger eased underneath the elastic edge of her panty. He found his way unerringly to the entrance of her body, and slipped a finger inside her.

“Damn, Jessie,” he murmured into her ear. “You’re so beautifully wet.”

Jessie’s breath was nothing but ragged gasps now, and to her amazement, it seemed that Regan’s was as well.

He carefully moved his finger, sliding in and out of her, pushing deeper to explore her from the inside. His thumb came around to tease her sensitive button of flesh, and the amazing sensations created by his finger and his thumb soon had her writhing in her seat. She bucked when the plane lurched and fell back when the plane sank. Forward and back. Again and again. All in time to the motion of the plane. It was suddenly like they were all one entity: her, Regan’s finger, and the airplane. All moving together for her pleasure.

FEAR OF FLYING plus six other romance novellas centered around a seductive fortune, are available at the special price of 99 cents for a limited time only. Buy your boxed set copy of SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME from any of these eBook retailers:

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon AUS

Barnes & Noble (Nook)

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Seductive #excerpts – Day 2 @Carly_Carson LOVE CHARM FOR FIONA #Sexy

Seduction cover jpgHere is the second excerpt from our recent multi-author boxed set release, SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME. I’m delighted to be in such good company with these talented romance authors, and pleased to bring you a taste of each of these sexy and heart-warming novella-length stories. Today I’m featuring an excerpt from LOVE CHARM FOR FIONA by Carly Carson.


When Fiona receives a fortuneteller’s love charm, she casts the spell to bring her dead fiancé back to life. But a love charm has its own magic, and what she gets is a surprise in the form of a Navy SEAL on “shore leave”.


In two minutes, Jack was back, hustling Fiona out of the car. “Come on. We’ve got the end unit.”

“Are you always in such a rush?” The motel was bringing everything into stark reality. She was standing here waiting to hook up strictly for the purposes of sex with a man she hadn’t known a week ago. How had this happened?

Then Jack grinned at her and said, “I’ll be slow where it counts.”

Her pulse sped up again, her body softened and she couldn’t do anything but take the hand he held out.

He closed the door behind them and Fiona stood there for a moment. Faintly, she could smell the sea. The room had a quaint, old Cape Cod feel, with white painted furniture, light taupe walls, and a blue and taupe muted floral on the drapes and bedskirt. A snow white comforter covered the bed, which at first was the only thing she could see. Then she noticed she could see the ocean through the French doors on the far side of the room. That was a nice touch.

Jack’s eyes followed her gaze. “We probably should close the curtains,” he said.

“Just the sheers.” She crossed the room and pulled them shut, grateful for something to do so she didn’t have to think about the implication of his words. She knew why she was here and she didn’t want to be coy about it. Jack disappeared into the bathroom, surprising her, but he was back before she had a chance to think about it. He reached for her in the pale gray light of the room.

“Removing our clothes is something that can be done fast,” he said.

He reached for the hem of her beach cover-up and pulled it over her head. For a long moment, his gaze traveled up and down her body, as if he were savoring what was about to happen. He settled his hands on the straps of her swimsuit and pressed them over her shoulders. Her suit didn’t fall, held up by the support of the bra inside. He drew both hands over those cups, removing them as he caressed her revealed breasts.

She heard him suck in a sharp breath. “Perfect,” he said. Her suit fell to the ground. He gave a quick look down, but then returned to her breasts, stroking and fondling. Her nipples were already pointed with need, but he didn’t seem satisfied with that. He continued to caress her until her back was arched, and she was breathing as heavily as he was.

“Isn’t this the part that’s supposed to be fast?” she moaned. She wanted nothing more than to fall on the bed and have him plunge inside her. How had she waited five long years—or was it her whole life?—to feel like this? “Take off your clothes.” He was still fully dressed, in his damp swimming trunks and his Blue Angels t-shirt.

“In a sec.” He propelled her toward the bed, finally picking her up and depositing her onto the poufy comforter. “I want to be sure you’re ready. I won’t last long once I’m naked.”

He came down on the bed next to her. “This is going to be a slow part.” He wrapped an arm around her, pulled her to her side, and closed his mouth over hers. He kissed her deliberately, licking her lips, licking inside her lips, holding her head with one hand, while his free hand drifted from her back to her breast, and began stroking fire through her.

His kisses moved down her neck, nipping and soothing, as tension built within her. When he reached her breast, she closed her eyes, finally giving up the attempt to reach under his shirt and touch his hot skin. He was pushing her onto her back again and when she was flat, her put his mouth over her nipple and licked her.

She almost shot off the bed. “Jack!” She clutched the back of his head.

He lifted his head for a moment. “Easy,” he said. “We’re still in the slow part.”

“I’ll give you slow.” She reached for his waistband.

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