Intrigued by shibari? NOT VANILLA #BONDAGE Cover Reveal

undressing femaleWith the release of Not Vanilla (Voyeurism) just around the corner, Roz Lee and I are already hard at work on the next installment in our tantalizing series about kinky pleasures and erotic love.

I’m delighted to show off our lovely new cover for Not Vanilla (Bondage) – designed by the talented Willsin Rowe. Slated for release in July 2015, Not Vanilla (Bondage) will include two erotic stories centered around rope bondage. Here’s a little peek:

Taste the forbidden…

Hung Up by Roz Lee

I should have told Colton what he could do with his money, but I need it to keep the doors of my dance studio open. So, here I am, naked and bound, with a bull rope around my waist, and despite the intricate suspension system holding me up, I’m falling hard. Falling for the impossible man who threw me for a loop and lassoed my heart. Beth

Alpha Submissive by Jennifer Lynne

What happens when a driven, alpha woman is forced by circumstance to participate in a shibari rope display? Bound and immobilized in front of an avid crowd by the country’s leading Dominant rope master, Ava fights to keep control. If she does the unthinkable and allows herself to submit to Roane, will she lose the only part of herself that really matters—her heart—to the man who now holds her destiny in his practised hands?

Here’s a short (unedited) teaser from Alpha Submissive:

My throat is tight, and a tiny moan escapes. Why am I doing this? What do I really know about him? What if he wraps me so tight I can’t breathe? What if… I don’t think I can… Oh, my God…

“You’re doing fine, Ava. Let it out.”

Let what out?

“Focus on the rope. What does it feel like against your skin?”

Okay. I can do this. I’m strong. The rope. Focus on the rope.

I expect it to be scratchy against my skin, but it isn’t. Instead the rope glides over the contours of my body like the caressing fingers of a lover whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure for his partner. Roane is clearly a master. I remind myself he’s had lots of practice, but it doesn’t stop the trail of goose bumps forming in the wake of the silken strands and though I fight to control it, a shudder wracks my body as the sensation wends its way to my traitorous clit.

Not Vanilla - Voyeurism coverNot Vanilla (Bondage) will be out in July 2015. If you’d like to try the first in this series, Not Vanilla (Voyeurism), it is available now for pre-order:

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Spring Blogfest – #LASRBlogfest #Giveaways

spring blogfest banner copyI’m currently appearing at Long and Short Reviews as part of their Spring Blogfest. Yes, I know, it’s autumn for those of us in Australia! But I love both seasons, don’t you? There’s a similarity in the mild weather, sunny days, cool evenings, and color. Lots of color – whether it be the new buds and flowers that symbolize spring, or the golden-red hues of autumn.

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Taste the forbidden...Not Vanilla (Voyeurism). Out May 19.Yes, it’s finally here. (Well, almost!). Pre-order is now available for my upcoming erotic release, NOT VANILLA (VOYEURISM), which will be out on May 19.

Developed in partnership with USA Today Bestselling Author, Roz Lee, this brand-new series of novellette-length stories will take readers into a world of fetish fantasies that are definitely not vanilla.

Come with us on our journey toward the forbidden in WATCH ME by Jennifer Lynne, and LOOKIN’ GOOD by Roz Lee, both appearing in our NOT VANILLA (VOYEURISM) collection. Here’s an Adults-only taste from WATCH ME to whet your appetite:

I can’t get enough of watching him with another woman… The way he grips the back of her head so firmly when he draws her close to kiss her parted lips. The way his fingers disappear somewhere beneath the thick waves of her hair—a chestnut color tonight and only slightly lighter than my own.

I love the way he sucks on her bottom lip first, nibbling gently as if sampling her flavor before committing properly to the kiss.

Yes. Kiss her like that, until the flare of passion becomes fully ignited and you suddenly slam your groin into hers. Force her legs apart with one of your powerfully muscled thighs so she can ride you hard and that kiss becomes deeper and less controlled.

I’m starting to pant as I touch myself between the legs, my fingers circling my bud and teasing it out from between the folds now engorged with the heat of desire. But it isn’t enough. He’s grinding against her and she’s doing the same back to him. There’s nothing between them but a few pieces of clothing and soon those impediments will be ripped away, too.

I want that feeling of hard grind. I need it. I miss it.

Making love with Will used to induce that mood; the one where we were both balanced on the knife-edge of control and it felt like anything could happen. He and I were always good together in bed. I love that defining moment during sex, when the balance shifts and you fall headlong into a state where thought ceases and mindless madness reigns. Yes, we had that, Will and I, often, until…

Stop! Don’t think about it. Concentrate instead on Danny and the woman he’s chosen to pleasure this evening.

My hand shifts until I’m cupping my mound. I smack the flesh, jumping a little at the sting when I go a bit overboard on the pressure. It feels so satisfying I do it again, over and over, slapping hard until pain mixes effortlessly with the pleasure and I can’t bear the thought of continuing. But I don’t want to stop, either. It feels so fucking good.

Harder. Stop. Faster. Stop. I don’t want to come yet. It’s way too soon.

Not Vanilla - Voyeurism coverOut May 19, 2015 – Pre-order your copy now at:

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Love’s Last Bite Book Tour and Giveaway #Vampire #Romance

BBT_TourBanner_LovesLastBiteViki Lyn and Vina Grey are offering a giveaway to celebrate the release of their book, LOVE’S LAST BITE, in a tour hosted by Goddess Fish Promotions.

Scroll down for details on how to enter the giveaway, but first, please check out this intriguing paranormal vampire romance (M/M).


Dark forces, a vampire, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble.

VINCENT KAMATEROS is no longer the lonely exiled vampire running a cupcake shop, but the heir to his father’s throne.

JOHN REEDER is out and accepts his vampire lover, but he has to deal with his lover being destined to rule the vampire kingdom.

While Vince and John revel in their newfound love, dark forces are at work in Orbus Arcana, determined to keep the progressive Vince from becoming the next vampire king.

Time is short and decisions loom. Their irrevocable choices will change their lives forever.


EXCERPT (Adult-rated)

The exact moment Vincent entered John, John felt complete.

“Dio, you feel good.” Vincent’s voice strained as he pushed forward.

Vincent’s groan sent John’s heart racing and his cock bumping against his stomach. Fangs scraped John’s neck, teasing, and sensual against his skin. The first bite made John’s heart surge. Blood sucked from his veins tightened the intensity in his groin. The craving for Vincent and his bloodlust scared and electrified him.

God forgive him, but he was addicted to the first bite. Addicted to Vincent, insistent, aggressive and hungry. Addicted to Vincent’s love.

Deep within, John sensed all these same emotions in his lover, but also an unfathomable longing for acceptance. This unfathomable ache pushed into John’s heart, and he vowed to always be by Vincent’s side no matter the situation.


An introvert and artist with a healthy dose of skepticism about life and love = Viki. An extrovert and academic and a die-hard romantic = Vina. It was so not a match made in heaven. But Viki and Vina discovered a mutual love of traveling around the world, the paranormal, good coffee, and a healthy admiration for their respective creativity. Sitting in a coffee shop one day, they started brainstorming about story plots and Vince and John and the car crash in the bakery. A story was born. Vina writes the sappy romance and Viki tempers it. Between them, they managed to find their boys a ‘happily ever after’.

Viki Lyn website  /  blog  /  Twitter  /  Facebook

Vina Grey website  /  Twitter  /  Facebook


Enter here (via Rafflecopter) for the chance to win a $15 Amazon or BN gift card courtesy of Viki Lyn and Vina Grey.
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ROOKIE SEASON Book Tour and Giveaway

NBTM_TourBanner_RookieSeasonThis post is part of a virtual book tour organized for author V.K. Robbins by Goddess Fish Promotions. One randomly drawn commenter will receive a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card! Read on to find out how to enter the draw.


Talented young ballplayer Clay Love has just been called up from the minors to play major league baseball. Freelance writer and divorcée Rose Lasting, the world’s biggest baseball fan, wasn’t expecting to fall in love when she fell into Clay’s arms, but fall in love she did. Now they are caught up in a whirlwind romance complicated by the paparazzi, Clay’s ex-girlfriend, Rose’s ex-husband, and a stalker who puts Rose’s life in grave danger. Saving her life and catching her attacker takes you on a roller coaster of emotion and intrigue that you won’t soon forget.

Rookie Season is the first book in the Love in the Ballpark Series, by V.K. Robbins. This adult erotic romance tale sizzles with romantic and sexual chemistry, emotion, and suspense. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.


BookCover_RookieSeasonHe shared about missing his mother’s last days because he had been out on the road with his AA team, and how he regretted it. I thought about telling him about my grandfather, but I didn’t. I knew I would cry and there was no way I wanted to cry right then. I did tell him, though, about how my dad left when I was six, and I was raised by my mother and her father, my grandfather.

And we talked about baseball – how it was my first love, how he only really felt comfortable and at home out on the field, how I hadn’t missed a Giants home game in 10 years, how excited he was to finally be playing in the majors.

There was a pause again and we were silently looking at each other. I was thinking how comfortable it was just to be quiet with him, how I didn’t feel like I needed to entertain him…when he leaned forward and kissed me.

It was gentle and tentative at first, then it became more aggressive and forceful. My mind went blank for a moment. I leaned toward him and he wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer. His kiss just pulled me in. Any hesitance I’d had about him evaporated, and I knew I’d never be the same.

Author Bio

AuthorPhoto_RookieSeasonVeronica Robbins is a published author of both fiction and nonfiction who has been writing professionally for the last 20 years. In addition to writing fiction and poetry (her first love), she is also an expert grant writer and copy writer. When she’s not writing, she’s watching baseball, enjoying her children, reading, and trying to train her dog, Handsome, who so far has been very successful at training her. You can follow Veronica on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or through her blog, A Writer’s Journey.

Where to buy ROOKIE SEASON






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Taste the forbidden – NOT VANILLA Cover Reveal #Erotic

undressing femaleTaste the forbidden…

I’m thrilled to show off the first cover in a brand-new series I’ve been working on with USA Today Bestselling Author, Roz Lee.

Each release in our NOT VANILLA series will include two novellette-length stories – one from each of us centered around a particular fetish. The first, as you can see from this delicious cover designed by Willsin Rowe, is NOT VANILLA – VOYEURISM.

The aim is to take our writing a step closer to erotica than ever before while still holding onto the romance, and to provide our readers with a tantalizing glimpse into a sexy range of “flavors” that are definitely not vanilla!

NOT VANILLA – VOYEURISM will be out on the 19th May, and will include WATCH ME by Jennifer Lynne plus Roz Lee’s LOOKIN’ GOOD.

Want to taste the forbidden flavor of love? Here’s an Adults-Only snippet from WATCH ME:

Yes, Danny. Sink your face between her thighs and suck the juices from her core. Taste how much she wants you. Lick her clit until it shines like a ripe cherry, then pluck it. Eat it. Enjoy her flavor, then prepare her for more.

She is moaning now. I can’t hear it with our windows closed against the cold, but her mouth is open, her eyes screwed shut, and I can imagine the keening as it wrenches from her throat.

Head on over to Roz Lee’s website to sample more forbidden flavor with a snippet from LOOKIN’ GOOD.

Keep an eye out on both of our blogs for more information about the very naughty NOT VANILLA series!

GODS OF LOVE (VOLUME 1) Now in Print! #Erotic #Menage #Books

GOL_VOL1_JL_-FrontaI’m delighted to announce that GODS OF LOVE (VOLUME 1) is available once again in PRINT.

The bundled collection has a new title and a lovely new cover thanks to Bookin’ It Designs, and even though the series bundle has been out for a while in digital format, it has been unavailable in print for some time.

Not so, anymore! If you didn’t pick it up in its previous incarnation as Gods of Love (1-3), here’s your chance to grab a print copy now!

VOLUME 1 contains the first three novellas in my GODS OF LOVE series – PLATINUM PASSION, APHRODITE CALLING and SEX CLUB SECRETS.

GOL_VOL2_JL_-FrontThese sexy erotic stories can be read in any order, and will be followed soon by VOLUME 2 containing the final three in the series – IMMORTAL SEDUCTION, DEMON OF ENVY and ICE QUEEN.

Jennifer Lynne’s GODS OF LOVE is one of my favorite series out right now…sexy, emotional and passionate…” ~ Wicked Readings by Tawania

Where to buy

Amazon US


Book Depository (link coming soon)

Celebrating the New Year with an #Erotic #Giveaway

2014-12-29 19.24.51It’s almost 2015 and I have a giveaway to help ring in the New Year! I know many of my blog followers are already signed up to my newsletter, but if you’re not, here’s your chance to sign up for new release info and exclusive giveaways and excerpts…as well as enter the draw for a 2015 Desk Calendar and matching Writing Notebook.

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Thank you so much for your support during 2014 – I wish each and every one of you all the best for 2015 and beyond.

Jen xo

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