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Heart’s Destiny Book Tour & Giveaway #erotic #romance

tour bannerHi everyone, I’m delighted to announce the start of an online book tour for my new erotic release, HEART’S DESTINY, hosted by Twin Tours Promotions.

Those who visit and comment during the tour will be entered in a giveaway draw. The more you comment on the tour, the more chances you have to win! There’s more about the giveaway prizes below, but first, where can you enter the draw? At any or all of these tour stops:

Thursday Dec 4

Friday Dec 5

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Tuesday Dec 9

Wednesday Dec 10


GOL_VOL1_JL_-FrontaWine Charm Set_Gods of LoveEnter the HEART’S DESTINY tour giveaway by visiting any/all stops on the Book Tour, and leaving a comment. At the end of the Tour I’ll randomly draw a winner from all commenters, who will receive a signed print copy of GODS OF LOVE (VOLUME 1), and a set of wine glass charms based on the GODS OF LOVE series book covers. These charms are perfect for holiday season parties, to hang on your wine glass stem and keep track of who belongs to which glass!

Don’t forget, HEART’S DESTINY, the featured book on the tour, is available for two weeks at the special price of just 99 cents (US).

Buy a copy at your favorite eBook retailer:

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon AU

All Romance eBooks

Barnes & Noble

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Release day! HEART’S DESTINY out now

Heart's Destiny - Outback 200I’m delighted to announce that Heart’s Destiny is out this week (4th Dec) and is already available at the special limited-time price of 99 cents.

This erotic romance novella was first published in Seduction – One Fortune at a Time, a multi-author collection of sexy stories by romance authors including Lisa Carlisle and Roz Lee, in Sept 2014. This stand-alone edition of Heart’s Destiny contains several expanded scenes.

Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes erotic romance does have a happy-ever-after! Eve’s quest to find her past leaves no time for love, until a chance prediction leads to the seductive Ky Ransom and a destiny that could make—or break—both their hearts.

Reeling from the death of her mother and the discovery that she was adopted, Eve Perroni embarks on a quest to find her roots. A chance encounter with a mysterious fortune-teller leads to the Australian bush and Cavanagh Cottage, the birthplace of her infamous outlaw ancestor. She intends to research and write the story of her past, but instead finds herself in direct conflict with charismatic developer Ky Ransom – the very man she has been told will fulfil her heart’s desire for a future centered around family…if she will just allow herself to love him.

Ky needs Cavanagh Cottage almost as much as Eve, and he has the money to get what he wants. Every single time. Can these two souls on a collision course find the true love that has been predicted, when everything they are searching for could be snatched away at any moment?

To take advantage of the special limited-time price of 99 cents, buy your copy this week at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon AU (Kindle), All Romance eBooks (EPUB, PDF or .MOBI) or Smashwords (EPUB, PDF).

Cranberries and Spice Blog Hop & Giveaway

CranberriesSpiceAWelcome to the Cranberries and Spice Blog Hop to celebrate Thanksgiving! The Hop, hosted by Natasha Blackthorne, runs from 22 Nov to 5 Dec. Each of the blog participants is giving away a prize, so please read on to find out what’s on offer here, and then hop to the next site for more giveaway chances!

GOL_VOL1_JL_-FrontaThis year, as always, I am thankful for my beautiful family and  friends, without whom my life would have little meaning.

My giveaway includes a signed print copy of Gods of Love (Volume 1). This box set includes the first three novellas in my erotic series about the Greek gods of desire – even the gods themselves are not immune to the influence of mortal love. These sexy stories can be read in any order!

A night of ménage a trois passion will change three lives forever. Jeannie and Jake’s platinum anniversary becomes an unforgettable experience when Pothos, god of sexual yearning, steps in to save their twenty-year marriage.

A god of sexual desire on the edge of burnout meets a woman with a unique and secret past…In the arms of transsexual woman Gina, has Himeros finally discovered the one with whom even a god of love could find fulfillment?

Ella and her bisexual friend Kade meet the erotic god Anteros in a celebrated sex club—but the challenges facing these potential friends-to-lovers could prove too much for the god of requited and unrequited love.

This collection is suitable only for mature readers 18+. Here’s a sexy excerpt from SEX CLUB SECRETS:

Helpless. Ella felt utterly helpless and vulnerable in this crazy position, and it should have had her screaming to get out. In the past it would have, but here in the privacy of this club she felt safer than she had in a long time. There were rules here, and security checks, and the people who came to Secrets would abide by those rules, however unusual or kinky their needs.

She could trust Anteros. She knew it in her heart, and it gave her the courage to relax into the moment. “If Kade were out there, watching, I wonder if he’d want me right now.”

Anteros laughed, a quiet chuckle that flowed over her skin and left goose bumps as effectively as that feather would, if only he would lean forward and touch its delicate end to her quivering flesh. “Look over there, my girl.” He gestured toward the doorway and she gasped at the sight of the handle turning.

No, I don’t want anyone else to see—Kade! Um. You’re…Kade.” She must sound like a half-wit, repeating his name over and over, but she couldn’t comprehend that the subject of her imaginings was actually here in the room with them, right at the instant when her fanny was laid out like a Christmas turkey on a plate.

Sweat broke out on her forehead and she began to struggle against the bindings. “Kade, no, don’t stare at me! Anteros, please. Let me—”

“Shhh.” Her dark-skinned companion laid a gentle hand on her ankle. “He is not repulsed. Look at him.”

She couldn’t. It was impossible to meet Kade’s gaze. What would he think to see her trussed up like this? She stared instead at the window, biting her lip and willing herself not to cry. But then he stepped in front of her and his swollen penis was directly in her line of vision. It poked out of the gap in his trousers in a manner that was clearly far from revulsion.

“Do what he says, Ellie. Look at me.” His voice was familiar and gentle, yet the fingers that slipped under her chin and forced her gaze upwards were firm and uncompromising. When she finally looked into his eyes she read the truth in their brilliant depths. Not hazel right now. Green. Like the August birthstone, peridot.

A hesitant grin decorated his face. “You’ve never looked more beautiful to me than right here in this moment. I want you, Ella Harris. Please don’t send me out of this room.”

Hope you enjoyed that snippet! To enter my giveaway, just leave a comment on this post letting me know what you are thankful for this year. I’ll draw a winner using at the end of the Hop.

If you’d like an eBook copy of Gods of Love (Volume 1), it is available now at:

Amazon US  /  Amazon AU  /  Amazon UK  (Kindle)

Barnes&Noble (Nook eBook)

Apple iTunes Store (for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & MAC)

All Romance eBooks (Kindle, PDF, EPUB)

Don’t forget, this is a Blog Hop, and every participant is offering a giveaway. PLEASE CLICK HERE, or on the graphic button at the top of this post, for the Cranberries and Spice Blog Hop participant list!

New Book Covers and a FREE Desktop Wallpaper #Erotic #Gods #Mythology

GOL_VOL1_JL_-FrontaGOL_VOL2_JL_-FrontI’m delighted to show off the new book covers for my Gods of Love erotic romance collection, designed by Talina Perkins at Bookin It Designs. What do you think?

Gods of Love Volume 1 is already available – yes, it is the same book, but now with a brand-new look! It contains the first three novellas in the erotic romance series – Platinum Passion, Aphrodite Calling and Sex Club Secrets. Buy as an eBook here. It will soon be available once again in print.

Gods of Love Volume 2 (containing Immortal Seduction, Demon of Envy and Ice Queen) will be out in print early next year.

The full box set containing all six erotic stories will be out in digital format – hopefully just in time for Valentines Day!

GOL_Boxset_JL Com smlThese sexy stories are quick and easy reads and you can try them in any order. Fancy a bit of ménage loving? Try Sex Club Secrets, Platinum Passion or Immortal Seduction. Want to explore new horizons with transsexual romance Aphrodite Calling? Go ahead! For those who love their M/F romance, then Demon of Envy or Ice Queen might be the go!

To celebrate the new look covers, I’m offering a FREE desktop wallpaper based on the new designs for everyone who subscribes to my quarterly e-newsletter.

Sign up is easy! Just click here!

GOL_Sml-1 Desktop WallpaperGOL2_1366x768.jpg smlOnce you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email containing a link to download a high-resolution version of these lovely desktop wallpapers – both are available in a range of sizes to suit different electronic devices.

And if you’re already signed up for the newsletter, you won’t miss out – I’ll be including a link in the next (December) issue.

Guest author V.K. Black: Unexpected Places #Romance #Adventure

It has been a little while since I’ve had a guest here on the blog. I’m delighted today to welcome V. K. Black, whose latest release pairs sexy romance with an exciting treasure hunt. Over to you, V. K.!

Unexpected_Final (300)Thank you so much, Jennifer, for this opportunity to talk about my latest release, Unexpected Places, published by Escape Publishing. This book was so much fun to write! It’s a sexy action adventure romance where a handsome, hot-headed treasure hunter battles a sweet, but equally hot-tempered heroine for the possession of two priceless emeralds.

As the book’s tagline says:

One treasure map, one pair of priceless emeralds, two very keen hunters – only one can win, but who says that competition can’t be a little fun?

Here’s the blurb:

When sweet, pretty Ariana Noonan knocks out treasure hunter Luke Donahue with a champagne bottle and steals his treasure map, he vows to get his map back, find the missing priceless emeralds…and exact a fitting revenge.

When Luke finally discovers Ariana in a dingy hotel on a remote tropical island, she’s in desperate straits and he finally gains the upper hand. Of course he will rescue her. His price? They act on the attraction that’s been simmering between them from the very beginning.

But all is not as it seems, and Luke’s sexy bargain turns up not only an unbelievable secret, but Ariana’s reasons for wanting the emerald. Suddenly, nothing is clear-cut anymore, and map or no map, Luke and Ariana are sailing into uncharted territory.

Here’s a short excerpt:

They clinked glasses, her wine to his beer. Her lovely tits wobbled in invitation as their glasses met. She was even prettier than he’d first thought. Her face was delicate, with softly rounded cheekbones, a little, straight nose, a determined jaw that hinted at steel beneath the prettiness, and those full, kissable lips. His eyes took in the length of her thick, blonde hair and gorgeous creamy skin.

Okay, let’s see where you want to take this. Luke smiled at her again, raised an enquiring eyebrow and waited.

“Um, this is a lovely place,” she said.

“Yes,” he agreed, gravely, “it is.”

“But a little crowded, don’t you think?” she purred. Luke leaned down, catching a faint wisp of her flowery perfume as he tried to hear her words over the squeals of the girls behind them. Then she—what did she say her name was? Ariana? A pretty name—gave him a smile that left him in no doubt about what she wanted. Sex and his map, which was currently resting in his coat pocket. Well, little Ariana, that’s a big yes to the sex, but good luck with the map.

“Definitely too crowded. And that champagne is very ordinary. I have a nice bottle in my room, if you’d care to share it with me.” Always have a good bottle of champagne in your hotel room fridge. You never knew when it might come in handy. That policy had served him well for many years.

Lovely Ariana smiled the dazzling smile that had probably ripped off half a dozen men, and put her glass down on the table. Luke placed his hand under her elbow and guided her toward the lifts. Her skin was soft but firm. His cock harder than steel. He’d been treasure hunting for so long now, it had been a while since he’d had a woman. The added allure of payback made the idea of sex with this cute, little blonde doubly inviting.

As they rode up to his penthouse room, Ariana’s feminine perfume filled the small space. They stood, side by side, staring at the lift doors in silence.  He had no doubt she was thinking through her game plan, the same as he was.

Let the games begin.

You can find Unexpected Places on,,, Kobo, Google play, Nook, Booktopia, JB HIFI NOW Books, or go to Escape’s website.

Like to know more about V. K. Black? Please visit her website.

#MySexySaturday – APHRODITE CALLING #Transsexual Romance #MSSAuthors

My-Sexy-SaturdayWelcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This week we’re sharing sexy date nights. I love date nights, though recently they’ve been a little scarce in my life – as they were for my transsexual heroine, Gina…until she meets Himeros, a god of desire who sees the true Aphrodite inside.

Here are seven sexy paragraphs from my Gods of Love novella, Aphrodite Calling:


How she was managing to keep talking was beyond her. She wanted to close the few centimeters of distance between them and explore that mouth again, to feel the firmness of his body up against hers, to enjoy the heat of a hard cock that wasn’t her own pressing against the soft curve of her stomach.

“You have a choice, now, Gina,” he said. “Join me here, tonight, and I promise you will not regret your decision. But if you don’t want that, tell me now, before we step over the threshold…”

“Himeros,” she whispered, not sure what she was asking, and at the same time knowing what she needed to say. “I want to, so much, but there are things about me you don’t know.”

“I know everything, Gina. I told you, I heard your call and I am here to answer it, if you wish.”

She shook her head. “I’m afraid.” She closed her eyes to avoid seeing the revulsion and started when she felt the touch of his fingertips on her cheek. A touch that sent shock waves right through her body—unfamiliar shock waves in places that had been numb for too long. She’d been wrong. She wasn’t strong enough to handle everything. She wasn’t strong enough to handle this.

“Himeros.” She took a deep breath and pressed back as far as she could against the wall. “I’m not, well, I wasn’t…” Just say the damn words. Get it over with. “I wasn’t always like I am now. I used to be—”

“You were born with male genitalia, and you lived as a man for the first twenty-four years of your life. You were Gerry, and now you are Gina. I know, gorgeous woman. I told you, I already know. Open your eyes and see how much I want you right now.”

Jennifer Lynne Aphrodite Calling Cover~~~

Aphrodite Calling is available at:

Amazon US  /  Amazon AU  /  Amazon UK  (Kindle)

Barnes&Noble (Nook eBook)

Apple iTunes Store (for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & MAC)

All Romance eBooks (Kindle, PDF, EPUB)

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Mid Week #Halloween Tease: “His voice surged over her, full of sorrow” #Erotic Demon Lover #MWTease

MidWeekTeaseHalloweenWelcome to a very special teaser as we celebrate sexy romance with a Mid Week Halloween Tease!

To honor the Halloween celebration, I have to revisit my Gods of Love novella, Demon of Envy. What is All Hallows’ Eve without a demon lover or two, right? Only…Thon isn’t a true demon. He’s a god of desire who has had the devil of a time controlling the darker side of love as envy pours out into the world:

His lips twisted. “I am jealousy.” His voice was flat. “And what you felt was me. The destructive part of love. It was never your fault, Liv. I drove your actions, as I drive everyone’s jealous actions in this realm. I try to hold it in, but sometimes… No. Not your fault. This one is all down to me.”

He let go of her so suddenly she almost lost her balance, tripping on the edge of her dress. Where her shoes had disappeared to was anybody’s guess and without them the skirt was too long. She rubbed her hands down the sides, uncaring of the fabric now that it was covered in soot and dirt, trying to contain the urge to weep. If you go, I’ll be all alone once again. Only this time, I will know what I’m missing, and I don’t know how I’ll survive it.

Her throat ached with the effort of holding on. Tell him. Tell him how much he means to you. How much you need him to stay. She opened her mouth, took a deep breath, and then hesitated. “I…”

A flurry of movement within the burnt premises caught her eye and then a voice was calling out, “Back. Everybody back now. This section’s about to go.” A small piece of ceiling collapsed into the room in a frighteningly loud rumble of noise.

She folded her arms across her stomach, and the rest of her sentence refused to come out. She just stood there, staring at Thon, silent. Her heart felt like it was about to break in half. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to get past this. What if it happens again? What if next time someone gets hurt, or even worse? Sean hurt only me, but you…

He nodded, glancing around and then back at her. “Yes.” His eyes were pools of misery. “I could hurt them all, Liv. I don’t want to, and yet…I could.”

Oh, God. “I don’t think I’m strong enough.” I don’t think I’m the one meant to save you.

He let out a groan that was half growl, half sob, and right before her eyes began to fade. “I wish it could have been different.” His voice surged over her, full of sorrow, and the flow of energy that had heated her blood since the moment they met finally began to dissipate. In that last moment before he vanished a desperate hand reached out toward her. “There is only you, Liv. I love you,” he mouthed, and then it was just his eyes, like a green blazing beacon proclaiming his agony, until even they winked out to leave her alone in unbearable darkness.

JenniferLynne_DemonOfEnvy1400.jpgDemon of Envy is a perfect Halloween short and sexy read. Available at:

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon AU  (Kindle)

All Romance eBooks (EPUB, PDF & Kindle)

Apple iTunes store (for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac)

Thank you to Sandra Bunino for organizing the Mid Week Halloween Tease! Please check out other sexy Halloween teasers this week at the participating blogs listed below:

#MySexySaturday: 7 from Hearts Destiny #Erotic #Romance

MSS_button 250x250I’m delighted to join My Sexy Saturday’s Halloween theme this week with seven paragraphs from Heart’s Destiny, my erotic novella featuring a sexy love story sparked by a seductive fortune.


“I don’t believe in magic,” Eve warned, wanting this Rasa woman to understand that she wasn’t just some punter who’d be taken in by any old mumbo jumbo. Her gaze darted around the tent, unable to settle. Tarot? Yep. A deck of cards was parked on a trestle bench along the side. Obligatory crystal ball? Check. Right there on the linen-covered table between them.

She raised a brow, trying for a calm that remained elusive. Why am I here? A last stroll along the banks of the Yarra River near her home in Warrandyte was supposed to be a temporary good bye and the chance to relive a few happy childhood memories. She’d forgotten the monthly fair would be in full force this weekend. “Go on then.” She ducked her chin toward the crystal ball. “What does it show?”

The dark-haired woman seated in front of her smiled gently, her eyes liquid pools of silver. Looks like she’s wearing a set of those colored contact lenses. They do make her seem kind of otherworldly. “The crystal shows many things, Eve, but ultimately it depends on you, and your choices, as to what actually comes to pass.”

The jaunty music from a small carousel and the noise of the crowds outside faded, until silence pervaded the tent. It was almost like a presence in its own right, pressing in from every direction, containing restlessness and willing her to find calm. Surprising how loud silence can be. The air was warm and still in this dimly lit oasis, and for the first time in months the tension in Eve’s muscles began to ease. She took a deep breath, held it for a moment, and then let it out slowly between her teeth.

Rasa nodded as if in encouragement. “That’s good, Eve. Let it go. And listen carefully.” The fortune teller leaned forward, studying the ball in front of her, and for a moment it seemed as if the crystal were lit with an eerie silver light. Just like Rasa’s eyes. A quick blink and it was again just a piece of rounded glass.

“There is a fork ahead, and if you choose wrongly…” The carnival woman shook back her hair, which shone ebony in the lantern-light hanging above their heads. “Your journey to truth will be painful. You will only discover your heart’s true destiny when you find your family.”

A shiver traversed Eve’s skin. She wanted to laugh at the ridiculous words, but there was something in the air that choked the laugh even as it bubbled up her throat. Something eerie. Inhuman.

Seduction Flat Cover~~~

Heart’s Destiny is available now in the multi-author box set, Seduction – One Fortune at a Time, featuring erotic stories by seven romance authors, all centered around a seductive fortune.

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