Honourable Mention for APHRODITE CALLING in Rainbow Awards 2012

I am thrilled to announce that my transsexual romance, APHRODITE CALLING (GODS OF LOVE #2), received an HONOURABLE MENTION in the prestigious Rainbow Awards for 2012!

There were more than 480 books submitted in this year’s awards that aim to celebrate the best of LGBT writing, and with 150 judges participating from all over the world it truly was a global experience.

I was stoked to find out that my first transgender novella was chosen for an honourable mention in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Debut Novel/Book category.

Congratulations to all the Rainbow Award 2012 winners and placegetters – an amazing range of stories that I am off to explore very soon.

For those who are interested in transsexual romance – and I do mean romance, not porn! – here’s what they’re saying about APHRODITE CALLING:

Rainbow Awards 2012 ~

Oh my goodness, what a story! I had high hopes going into this one, and I was delighted to find that it did not disappoint…It was passionate, physically and emotionally satisfying all the way.”

The eBook Reviewers ~

“I have only recently started to delve into GLBT stories. I honestly wish I had found this one first. It is just simply awe-inspiring. The story line, the characters, their development through the novella. Everything was perfect.”

Here is a short (18+) excerpt:

 Without sight she could only imagine what he would look like, the tip of his tongue sliding along her flesh that was already swollen with need, that wayward hair flopping down over his brow, his gaze intense, probably flecked with the shade of green that for some reason reminded her of the sea, looking back up her body as he teased around and over her mound. When the graze of something hard—presumably his teeth—nipped at her clitoris through the material she yelped, then pressed upward to enhance that exquisite pressure. Hot lips met her thrust and played with her, moistening the material. Lips, tongue, and teeth worked in unison to torment her core while his fingers slipped beneath her G and went exploring along her slit.

A gasp escaped as she felt one of his digits slide into her. The first person other than her surgeon or herself ever to breach her pussy. She didn’t have the creamy moistness of a biological woman, but somehow, with Himeros, it didn’t seem to matter. She rocked back and forth against his face, adjusting to the feel of having someone inside her, even if it was only his finger.

“Yes,” she managed on a shaky exhale of breath. “That feels fucking fantastic.”

He chuckled against her clit. “So tight, Gina. I look forward to entering you properly.”

She felt the words and the laugh as a welcome vibration and it escalated her senses into overdrive. She moaned. Having her cock sucked in the past had never felt like this. The intensity of what she was feeling now was more—so much more—than she was used to. Even through her underwear.

The pressure suddenly disappeared and so too did the scrap of material covering her pussy. She couldn’t see his reaction to her full-on nakedness and a flare of panic had her reaching up to rip off her mask, but found her hands imprisoned beneath larger ones. “No. Leave it on, Gina. Go with your gut, and feel. Feel your need. Feel mine.”

She whimpered, wanting to do as he asked. “Okay,” she whispered. “I can do this.”

“Of course you can. And for the record, you are beautiful.” That last word came out husky, and she felt tears prick at her eyes at the genuine tone of his voice.

But still she hesitated. “Normal?” she asked at last.

“Yes, darling. Perfectly normal.”

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